Chai Deewan

Chai Deewan!

Chai Deewan, well known Cafe brand in Lahore. In this rat-race where people find no time to rest, we make things easier for them. Quick refreshment with the right brew at the right place at any time is our specialty. We have come to the stands with a wide array of tea, coffee, sandwiches and variety of fresh & special juices.

We mainly aim to satisfy our customer at the maximum level and also we are trying to get feedback from each and every customer. Chai Deewan never use any substance to harmful to health in our product. We are purchasing fruits and vegetables day by day; they should farm fresh quality products. Our quality control team always alert to check and make sure the quality of each recipes and products.

Why Choose Us

Our goal is to provide incredible taste at a modest price point in a welcoming, stylish atmosphere. CHAI DEEWAN is committed to an inclusive culture which values the contributions of our customers, team members, suppliers, and neighbors.

Chai Deewan

Quality Cuisine

Chai Deewan is a committed and dynamic Rasturant that offers a wide variety of excellent products to promote a better life to everyone, everywhere while understanding their needs. The unique expertise in developing high quality products creates the positive experience that enriches people's lives on a daily basis. As part of the commitment to meet guest needs, Chai Deewan enforces a zero tolerance rule towards business partners, such as raw material producers, packaging suppliers, and distributors to share a common concern for quality and well beings of guests by clearly setting the high quality standards we expect from them.

you and your family will love the amazing selection of fresh food here at Chai Deewan. We have everything you need to prepare delicious, satisfying Items that will help you feel your very best.

The Staff were all very friendly, and would always check you had everything you needed, Manageress was extremely helpful during my stay, giving me information on the area, the Rasturant Floor was a very welcoming place..!